Graduation 2012

Robed in scarlet and seated in the front row – seat number 8 – when collecting my seat card I was asked “Do you mean number 08?” by the helpful assistant at the desk.  Yes, this time I am not number 289 or sitting among the sea of black gowns in the middle of the hall.  Am I really here?  The years of hard work, hours of doubt, tears of frustration and many conversations with the best supervisor I could ever have hoped for, have brought me to this moment.

“For Healing and Transformation”

A feminist ecclesiological study on the gap between gender policy and practice in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA)

Then it is my turn – my supervisor reads out the citation of my thesis and my degree is conferred!  It has been accomplished!

Now the hard work actually begins.  Can the gender policies of the MCSA be implemented effectively?  Only time will tell.


5 thoughts on “Graduation 2012

  1. Jenny I feel this moment with you so deeply. Well done, your committment and dedication to this cause is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for your passion.
    Every blessing to you.

    • Dear Blissphil,
      Thanks for being the first one to respond on my new blog! 🙂
      I’m learning from you!
      May your seminary experience be a rewarding one and may we continue to work for gender justice for all – but more especially for women in ministry.
      I look forward to many more conversations.
      Many blessings to you!

  2. The feeling of accomplishment must have been absolutely wonderful. As I’ve said, you deserve every ounce of it. I can’t imagine the kind of dedication it must have called forth. Looking at the title, my hope is that what you have worked so hard to produce will become a living reality within the church. Strength, Jenny

    • Hi Don,
      It is truly wonderful to share in this conversation with people, like you, who have inspired me throughout the years.
      I must confess that I have basked in the glory and aftermath of the graduation ceremony and I have thoroughly enjoyed the affirmation and warm wishes from so many colleagues, members of our family and friends across the world. However, I believe few have truly caught on to what I am so passionate about and why. Your comments are, therefore, far too real – our hope for an inclusive church needs to be translated into the ‘living reality’ you mention. This has been my yearning for many years and those who stand with me will continue to motivate, challenge and empower church leaders and clergy in this direction – through involvement in ministerial and lay training and through ecumenical agencies like the Diakonia Council of Churches. I look forward to our continued conversations around this and many other relevant topics. I appreciate your inspiration and will endeavour to blog regularly.

  3. Congratulations Jenny. I have tried to follow your journey through the years as you have been an inspiration in my life. Trusting your passion will be translated to reality in the MCSA. Blessings. Janet Frohlich

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