Winter in Canada

Winter in Canada

A Winter Solstice –
It is almost two months ago that we arrived in Swan River, Manitoba.
Even though only a few short weeks have passed, it feels like we have done so much already.
Exploring the countryside – especially along the Swan River – has been a fun experience. On our last stroll, a week ago, Kevin decided that the river looked solid enough to walk on so he ‘walked on water’ so to speak. At least he stayed close to the edge of the river because I promised to go for help if the ice cracked and he fell in. I was NOT going in after him! He ventured a few steps on the icy river and to my relief got back onto its bank without falling through the ice.
Today we received our first gift of fresh fish – caught by a member in our congregation on his ice-fishing trip. That seems like a very different pass-time. They apparently sit in a warm ice-fishing shack so it does not sound too taxing after all.
As from today we can start the countdown to spring! It is still many months away but at least we’ve reached the winter solstice and so far we are surviving the cold.


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