Our vehicle!

Our vehicle!

Dodge Caravan and my Driver’s License saga …
It is now almost three months since we arrived in Swan River.
It has certainly taken some getting used to the long cold months with regular snow falls. (It is snowing again today.) The 90 day period of grace to obtain my Manitoba driver’s license expires at the end of January and I discovered some more obstacles in my way this past week. I sailed through the Manitoba road and traffic knowledge test with 100% (the equivalent of a learner’s license) and when I went to book my road test, I was told I need a letter from the South African Road & Traffic Authorities, validating my South African Driver’s License. Since then I discovered that I have to collect this letter in person in Pretoria (South Africa). I am beginning to wonder whether they actually want me here in Canada! 😉
I can obviously use my learner’s license and then only drive with a fully licensed driver in the passenger seat but not only will this be inconvenient for my ministry, I shall then have to go into the Manitoba driver training programme and wait at least 9 months before taking my road test – this after 40 years of safe driving!
We cannot but be saddened that the careless South African drivers, who have certainly made a name for themselves here in the Great White North, and all those who forge and falsify SA driver’s licenses now make it difficult for everyone else to be trusted in other countries.
I view this as one more hurdle to overcome and I am bending over backwards to try and satisfy the Manitoba road and traffic authorities that my SA driver’s license is indeed authentic. I trust that a friend in Pretoria can collect the letter for me so I have sent her a letter of permission from me. Hold thumbs everyone!
I hope to soon have a happy consluion to add!


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