The slow Canadian snow melt-down to Spring


Monday, 10th March 2014, was a simply magnificent day in Swan River – reaching up to 6 degrees Celsius.

After four months of snow on the ground, it was wonderful to again see earth beneath our feet in the park.

The past month has sped past and both Kevin and I have now obtained our Manitoba Driver’s Licenses.  Both first time round (what a relief that was).  Some other South Africans (even a doctor) have been known to fail the first time.  We did everything by the book!  😉

My courses are keeping me very busy but I am grateful to be reaching the end of two of them – two practical projects lie ahead: one for United Church of Canada (UCC) History & Theology and one for UCC Worship.  I have the UCC Faith Formation Course and the Webinar on Racial Justice to complete in April.  The last course (UCC Polity) can only be completed in February 2015 as that’s when it will again be offered.  I shall need to go to St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon for that one as it is not an on-line course. Perhaps that is a good thing because the UCC Manual has just been edited and updated.  All the other courses are presented on-line so I do save some time by not having to travel.

We talk about the weather very much here!  Those of you who follow my Facebook posts will know how often I refer to the temperatures and the snow.  The hope for Spring is high – a very different experience for us.  The sudden milder temperatures affect me more than I can say – I felt quite elated yesterday: just walking in the park, measuring how deep the snow is (about 40 cms) taking photos at the museum, soaking up the sunshine and admiring the bright blue skies.  But how weird to wake up to snow again this morning!

The ministry at St. Andrew’s United Church is running smoothly.  We have some dedicated leaders and some very creative people. Worship attendance is not very good at present but March is a month when several families are holidaying in California or other warmer destinations down south.  Lent has started on a very low key but we shall persevere.  Both Kevin and I now lead Bible Studies in Swan River – me on a Wedneday morning and Kevin on a Thursday afternoon.  We have small groups but we trust they will grow.

A really wonderful blessing is that Miriam’s Circle is attracting quite a number of women – we have had some excellent gatherings and the group members are taking turns to lead.  Our next Miriam’s Circle is on Sunday, 16th March, when the full moon rises on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day.

Some of you will be reading the excerpts I am sharing on Facebook from the Lenten Devotional Booklet I am using this year.  It is quite different and I am enjoying the simplicity of the prayers and comments,.  The author is a member of the United Church of Canada.  For your information:  “Confronted by Jesus – Daily Reflections for Lent” by Debbie McMillan.

Until a next time.


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